Conference Date: TBA

Format: Virtually (WHOVA App)

Presentation Style: Live Seminars AND Pre-recorded presentations

This Virtual Conference is intended for wildlife rehabilitators (all levels), veterinarians, RVT, zoologists, conservationists, and those just entering into the world of wildlife. It is all inclusive and our sessions offer something for everyone.

Heroes 4 Wildlife: Building Bridges

By registering for this conference, you will support wildlife organizations who have reached out for help.

Don't forget we are still in the planning stages;

we're confirming new speakers all of the time!

To all of our amazing and knowledgeable speakers and organizations, we would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU on behalf of the wildlife centres who will benefit from the money raised!

Forest Lake
What is your registration going towards?
  • Paying vet bills for rehabbers who have exhausted all of their funding

  • Purchasing Digital Microscope, Pediatric Stethoscope, Incubators & Centrifuge for those that have asked for help.

  • Buying much needed medical supplies and PPE for staff and volunteers.

  • Purchasing building supplies, gift cards for gas, groceries and so much more.

Don't forget: Every full registration is entered
into our Wildlife JACKPOT
1st place - $3,000
2nd place - $2,000
3rd place - $1,000


* Each winner will select the wildlife organization they would like the jackpot to go to


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