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Our organization is run by a Board of Directors that are 100% volunteer-based; they see the positive impact that wildlife rehabilitation makes on wildlife and the surrounding communities and truly want to help. 

The many faces of support include financial assistance, specialized equipment, essential supplies, educational resources & networking opportunities, and public awareness.

Find out who our HEROES are, below!


Justin Vandebelt


I am honored to have been elected as the president for Heroes 4 Wildlife. As a full time dad of two little kids I find myself teaching them the importance of all aspects of wildlife. In addition to volunteering for Heroes 4 Wildlife, I help run a small wildlife rehabilitation centre in Ontario and hold a full time job as an automotive technician. Our goal is to make a difference to those that care for wildlife both big and small.


Melissa Townsend


Hi I'm Melissa! Heroes 4 Wildlife means the world to me; animals hold a very special place in my heart. Being part of this organization allows me to do whatever I can to help all animals in need. There are so many wildlife places that struggle - together we can make a difference. 


Sean Piper


I'm Sean. Helping wildlife is important to me because of all the happiness animals have given me over the course of my life. Whatever I can do to make a positive impact on our native wildlife, I'm there.


Dan MacEwan


Dan has always had a passion for wildlife and now, after his retirement from the Food Industry, has time to put his passion into action. Sitting on the board for Heroes 4 Wildlife has allowed Dan to get active in supporting the projects to help wildlife.


Stefanie MacEwan

Stefanie founded the idea of Heroes 4 Wildlife based on the difficulties she discovered while running her own licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. Realizing the time and funding restraints all wildlife centers experience, both large and small, the foundation for Heroes 4 Wildlife was born. Now, acting as a volunteer she co-ordinates donations and assists wherever she can. It truly takes a village to care for every wild life. 


Carol MacEwan

Carol retired from the Travel Industry but still wanted to use her skills and expertise to make a difference. Volunteering at Heroes 4 Wildlife, Carol found that her retirement days are filled with helping to organize, researching grants, bookkeeping, and managing the finances. A perfect way to make a difference supporting wildlife.


Lauren Kimsa

I am currently in school studying Biological Sciences, and as a Hero 4 Wildlife, I hope to educate others on the importance of wildlife welfare and ways in which individuals can support and peacefully coexist with wild animals while protecting and conserving biodiversity. 


Nick Townsend

Honorary HERO 4 Wildlife


Hi, my name is Nick, and being part of Heroes 4 wildlife means so much to me. Being part of this allows me to help as much as I can with saving animals. Which I will do forever. We can all be Heroes to animals.

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